Pilot jobs in Bangladesh

If you are looking for an exciting career, a pilot job might be the answer for you: Bangladesh is going through an interesting phase. With business growing like never before, the aviation industry is at a strong growth stage. The economy has attracted lot of business with large multi-nationals entering the market. Companies are opening new offices to cater to the new growing middle class and foreign entrepreneurs are keenly eyeing the country and investing in local businesses.

The country had always been a great tourist destination, known for its rugged rainforest terrain, diverse wildlife and endless beaches; attracting numerous tourists each year. An estimated 1.5 million tourists visited the country in 2014, with the number expected to rise in the years to come. The combined effect of hospitality and commerce has led to a large influx of foreigners.

With the boom in the aviation industry all related jobs are in high demand. Pilot jobs are core to the industry as it is directly related to the number of flights in operation. The current scenario has not only made the number of passenger flights go up but all types of flights in operation – whether they be for leisure, business or commercial purposes. Thus there has been a spike in the number of pilot job vacancies in Bangladesh.

What do they do?

Pilots fly airplanes or helicopters for long or short haul flights. They can be either employed by military or logistic companies, or by passenger airliners. Pilots have a very exciting life, flying large aircrafts all across the world, though the type of pilot job depends on the organization they are employed in. For the military they either fly huge planes for cargo and rescue purposes or fighter jets for combat purposes. Pilots fly planes for delivering cargo in logistic companies and passenger aircrafts for commercial airliners.

The job is associated with a glamorous lifestyle, living in five star hotels and flying to different parts of the world is something of a norm. Though on the downside flying all around the world often results in jet lag and extensive ime away from home. The employer provides  accommodation and other basic things when you are out of town.

Apart from flying the plane, pilots have to take care of other things as well. Before a flight they need to use calculation skills in order to check the weather and formulate a flight plan. While in-flight they need to communicate with the aviation control and the company to keep them updated about what is happening.


There can be two paths that one can take to become a commercial pilot. One is the military path and the other is the civilian path. For military pilots it is relatively easier to get hired. The military produces highly trained, technically proficient and disciplined pilots. They have a proven track record, thus making it a lower risk hire for companies.

For the civilian path, the first and foremost requirement to get a pilot job is to gain a flying certification. The certification can be provided by a school which has been approved by the aviation administration. To get a certification there is a strenuous training that one needs to go through.

Apart from educational requirements one needs to pass a physical exam, have a 20/20 vision (glasses or contacts are okay), and pass a written and technical exam. In case it is something you fall short of then you might want to check our other jobs in the aviation industry.

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