Looking to be a concierge in Bangladesh?

What is a concierge?

The word `Concierge´ is derived from the French comte des cierges or “keeper of the candles.” These were the people who attended to nobles in the castles of medieval France. Skip ahead some 500 years to modern France and the concierges are dwelling in hotels, catering to the needs of guests. Over the years the concierge has become a part-time or full-time job. They specialize in guest services in hotels and restaurants. The ultimate goal is to provide a great guest experience.

With Bangladesh’s booming economy and increasing standards of living, there will be a growth in the hospitality industry, thus leading to an increase in demand for this kind of service. If the hospitality business is your type, then entering now would be the right time.

What exactly would you do?

There will be varying tasks in a concierge’s job depending on your employer, or whether it’s a luxury hotel or an apartment. You could be a butler, or taking reservations, or providing customers with what they need. A hospitable approach to the requests made by the customer is requirement. The way you handle a customer is important, as that will play a major role in the customer experience of the business. The concierge is quick to seek help from the contacts of the hotel/employer or external sources to fulfill the requirements of the guests. You could either be at the front desk greeting guests or in the tourism industry booking reservations. It could also be arranging guided tours for the guests or other activities.

Requirement for a concierge job?

In this kind of service industry your soft skills are given more weight as compared to your educational background. The employer would generally be looking for a high school diploma in most cases but it wouldn’t be a requirement. If you are more desirable because of your other skills, an employer is likely to overlook a high school diploma in favour of excellent customer service skills. A good command of English or French is a must depending on the guests and business. If you plan to get yourself promoted in the long run then a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or equivalent would be an advantage. As a concierge you would get a good chance to be promoted, as you would know the customer the best and in a hospitality business it is all about the guest-experience.

If a career as a concierge is something that sounds exciting to you, don’t delay, apply online today to start your career. Or if you’re an experienced veteran of the hospitality industry and are looking for a change, hopefully this information has inspired you to make the change to something bigger and better.