Want to land a computer operator job in Bangladesh?

What is the job?

A computer operator’s job is to monitor, control, and maintain data processing operations. Although it used to be mostly for scientific labs and engineering departments, data processing is becoming increasingly important for businesses too and the number of computer operator job vacancies is increasing rapidly. The Internet has changed the game, and data science and computerisation of the information are now becoming a crucial competitive advantage for most multinationals. Ensuring that the computers which collect, analyse, and transform this data into readable reports run smoothly is therefore essential to most businesses.You will therefore find a number of computer operator jobs in Bangladesh.

As a computer operator, you will benefit from excellent career opportunities. On the one hand, you can specialize in business data, and start a business intelligence career as a business analyst or a financial analyst if you choose to work in the banking industry. Regardless, you could reach a top executive job within 10 years. On the other hand, you can go for a more technical career and become a systems analyst for example, before moving on to higher positions such as IT manager or even Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

What are the main tasks and responsibilities of a computer operator?

Starting as a computer operator, you would be responsible for a given set of computers or set of data. Your main tasks are to ensure that the data processing operations are running smoothly and that computers are functional and secure. However, on a daily basis, there are a number of tasks you would have to accomplish:

  • You would have to respond to program error messages and run scripts to correct possible bugs or malfunctions in the database.
  • You would use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to turn this data into actionable reports that you could then send to those concerned. You could have to perform data entry at times although most data collection processes should be automated.
  • You could also be tasked with assisting computer users who are having issues with their hardware or software.
  • Finally, you could be responsible for writing tutorials, recording operational information and performing processes analysis (operating time, problems encountered, and more), and helping the IT manager testing the system to find potential malfunctions.

So what do I need to do to land a computer operator job?

A high school diploma should be enough to land a computer operator job in Bangladesh, although if you hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering, your chances of finding a job are much higher. Given the rather technical nature of the job, most employers focus on professional experience to select candidates. It might therefore be advisable to start with an internship or trainee position. You can also start with a data entry operator job to get experience in data administration and database user interface and query software.

In order to be an excellent computer operator, you should have a strong ability to solve complex problems and have critical thinking skills. Other than that, time management and listening skills are both a good thing to have, which will make your job easier. Finally, you should feel comfortable around computers, and preferably be of a curious nature if you want to climb up the hierarchy.

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