Want to land an accounts assistant job in Bangladesh ?

What is an accounts assistant?

The accounts assistant is part of the accounting and finance departments in big corporate groups. The role of an account assistant is to provide administrative support to accountants and/or finance managers. Administrative tasks involve data entry, phone calls, or organising meetings. Because they work so closely to finance and accounting professionals, they tend to get experiences in both those fields and are often required to perform checks on finance accounts or spreadsheets.

While most of your tasks would be administrative, making the job quite close to a secretary position, career opportunities are much brighter as an accounts assistant. If you prove to be determined and have strong quantitative skills, you could get a financial analyst or a business analyst job within two or three years after starting. Salaries tend to be higher too, as most of the accounts assistant jobs are to be found in the banking industry.

What are the main tasks involved?

As an accounts assistant, most of your day to day tasks would be purely administrative:

  • Managing daily post in and out, as well as taking phone calls
  • Processing and organising all accounting documents, including all invoices, expense forms, bills, and requests for payment.
  • Dealing with day to day transactions, Direct Debit mandates, reconciling finance accounts and checking and maintaining spreadsheets.

What do I need to become an accounts assistant?

You wouldn’t need more than a high school diploma to land an accounts assistant job. However, it might take more than simply applying. Recruiters are increasingly asking for computer literacy, since you would have to deal with huge datasets in spreadsheets and accounting software. Some knowledge or basic understanding of accounting would be a huge plus. Recruiters also appreciate solid references and past experience, for example as a secretary. Generally speaking however, if you prove to have strong quantitative skills and to be an organised and smiling person, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an accounts assistant position.

In order to land a promotion and eventually an analyst job, you’re going to have to learn accounting one way or the other, although you can really get the basics on the job, most of the time a university degree is the best way to become qualifed. You should check out our advice about how to ask for a raise, the process being similar to asking for a promotion. To land the job in the first place, you will need to prove you have good communication skills, and excellent organisation capabilities. A good level of English is always a plus in order to answer emails and phone calls.

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