Research and development jobs in Bangladesh

This highly specialised field plays an important role in both private and government innovation. Research and Development, or as it’s sometimes abbreviated to R&D, is primarily concerned with technological and scientific innovation for government institutions as well as private companies. Research and Development departments are primarily staffed with either engineers who are tasked with developing new products, or industrial scientists who mainly focus on scientific research. When engineers working in R&D produce a new product it will usually be released in incremental steps, the first of which is what’s known as a Prototype. Then comes further stages, which sometimes involve a lot of tests and design changes until the product is finally released to market. Those steps are usually tasked to design engineers. Scientific research can also lead to the release of new products, as these R&D employees use technological developments and inventions which can lead to new product designs and uses.

What are some specifities of research and development departments?

Research and development departments differ from most other corporate departments in that they are not expected to deliver an immediate profit, but instead are seen as an investment for future profits. In many cases, there is a lot of risk involved with investing in research and development, but the potential return value can be enormous. There are many career development opportunities if you work in a research and development job in Bangladesh. In order to start working in scientific R&D, you will need to undertake a trainee position. If you further your studies, your advancement opportunities will increase. When working in this field, you will be required to study for a doctorate, otherwise you may find your career prospects hindered without one. Typically after you complete your doctorate, you can then expect to undertake postdoctoral research which can last up to three years, in which time you might write research papers and develop hypotheses about your field of study. You might one day find yourself eventually working as a lecturer or a project manager for your lab. Working as an engineer in R&D will obviously offer different job opportunities. You can work as an electrical engineer in R&D for example, depending on your specialisation. However starting out will be the same as you will need to complete a traineeship in your field.

What are the main responsibilities for people working in R&D?

The types of responsibilities that a job in research and development requires will vary depending on the type of research you are conducting. However, there are some general responsibilities that most professionals will need to undertake when working in this field:

  • Use various tools and systems to collect data
  • Analyse collected data using qualitative methods
  • Create detailed reports on data
  • Maintain lab and equipment cleanliness
  • Support product development

While these aren’t the only types of responsibilities you’ll have when working in research and development, they do provide a small glimpse into the R&D world.

What are the requirements to land a job in research and development?

In order to work in a research and development field you will require a University degree in either engineering or a science degree. In order to progress further in, you will need to complete a Master’s degree, and even a PhD in order to reach to top tier in this field. Please note that you will not be able to work in research and development without a University degree. Once you have your degree, you’re best to undertake a traineeship. The main skills you will need to exhibit are:

  • Intelligence
  • Attention to detail
  • Independent worker
  • Can also work in a team
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Creativity
  • Laboratory experience

Working in research does not mean you will have to stay working there forever, many people use the valuable experience they gained in R&D and apply it to other fields./ You can find yourself working with patents, writing for scientific publications, sales and marketing of technical products, as well as quality assurance.

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