Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs in Bangladesh

Logistics deals with the transportation of people and material from one point to another in the most efficient and safe way. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main concerns, but speed and flexibility of the supply chain are becoming critical issues for operations as the competition grows. Industrial activities in Bangladesh are growing and so is the demand for logistics and the human resources related to it. As a logistics professional you will aid in the distribution of goods from point A to point B, or in the supply of finished products/services to customers. Logistics and supply chain processes are required in many industries, with both products or services.

Logistics are also very important at the start of new projects where they help establish a transportation network before the operations begin. Warehousing jobs and inventory jobs are also related to logistics. In an inventory job or warehouse job professionals are focused on precisely managing the inventory levels and optimizing warehouse costs. Distribution jobs also work closely with logistics.

What kind of jobs can I find in Logistics?

There are a number of different job vacancies in Logistics and Supply Chain solutions. Some of these job roles include:

  • Analyst jobs: you would be charged with analysing processes and looking for areas of possible improvement.You would be reporting to a project manager, or directly to the operations manager
  • Project manager jobs: Operations are so complex that they are often broken down in different geographic areas or processes in big organisations. Project managers are responsible for a specific part of the process or geographic area.
  • Operations manager jobs: you would be responsible for all the operations in a given project, plant, country, or company.
  • Driver jobs : a major part of logistics is also transportation, drivers are therefore essential to the smooth running of operations.

Qualifications Required for a job in logistics

Logistics and supply chain jobs are open to graduates from all qualifications but a degree/qualification or experience in any of the following areas are a significant benefit to landing such a job in logistics:

    • Transport job experience, distribution job experience, or logistics job experience
    • Business or management degree
    • Information System Management experience or degree

IT and Analytical skills are often required to land a supply chain or logistics job. As a professional in supply chain you need to have good computer skills. Modern day companies use automated management systems to track their supply chain data, therefore candidates with a knowledge of such systems will get an advantage. Make sure you have at least good knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite, particularly Excel. A good way to acquire computer skills could be to start with a data entry operator job for instance.

Ideal profile for a supply chain position

Supply chain management requires strong analytical skills since you will need to be able to optimize processes. Your job will involve a lot of analysis and critical thinking, whatever your position. Logistics is all about optimizing and becoming ever more efficient, therefore you should do your best to challenge the status quo.

If you are organized and focused, and if you like optimization and efficiency, you will thrive in a logistics position, where your talents will be put to good use. With limited resources and fast economic and social development pulling on supply chains all over the world, logistics will definitely be a key sector in the 21st century, with very interesting career prospects.