Education & Training Jobs in Bangladesh

Education and teaching jobs can be very rewarding careers, but don’t be fooled, a lot of the time the work is difficult and can be trying but there are plenty of education and training vacancies for anyone looking for one. As a country’s level of education is directly proportional to its progress, it is essential to improve the education system in any country – which means Bangladesh will have to spend the next few years rebuilding and investing in their education system. In Bangladesh, the educational system has been deteriorating for a long time and teaching methods can be a little outdated. But this isn’t all bad news, when there is a need to improve and a will to make those changes, great things can happen. Bangladesh is now in a great position to improve their educational systems: private, government and public schools. Which means there is and will continue to be a high need for qualified teachers in all different kind of subjects. The literacy rate in Bangladesh stands at 89.5% and learning is compulsory for children up to the end of elementary school. In recent years there has been a rise in private international schools offering education and training jobs specialising in English in the country. The need is not just limited to traditional education, but also vocational schools and general training. In fact there is a huge demand in the country for qualified individuals to fill some of the education and training vacancies in Bangladesh.

What kind of positions are available & what are the everyday tasks?

When it comes to working in education, the most common type of career you can find will be in teaching roles. However, those aren’t the only kinds of jobs available. You can find plenty of other positions on offer from schools, universities and vocational institutions. For example, schools require office and administration staff, groundskeepers, support staff and plenty more. The primary role does not necessarily involve looking after children directly but the work you do can have an impact on their overall education.
As the Bangladesh government is focusing more and more on Education, the system is likely to get more funding soon, which should mean more education and training jobs in the country. If you were to work in teaching, you would find your day-to-day tasks vary significantly – depending on what field/speciality your work in. Whichever career you choose to have in education, you will find your overall goals to be the same across the board: that is, the development of children in their education, to foster curiosity and instil a love of learning. Some of the most common tasks required of a teacher are:

  • Prepare daily and longer term lesson plans
  • Implement best practice teaching methods
  • Teach a range of learning areas
  • Develop and maintain good working habits with the students
  • Develop children’s interests and creativity
  • Attend staff meetings and training days
  • Assess and evaluate children’s’ progress and performance with a grade score
  • Carry out administrative duties

While this is not a complete list of duties and responsibilities of involved with being a teacher, the above list should give you some idea as to what kind of duties are expected in the role.

What skills/qualifications are required?

Becoming a teacher usually requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree and practical experience. If you would like to attend a college in order to complete a teacher’s degree in Bangladesh, you need to score above 360 in your matriculation examination. After you graduate, you can expect to find a job in either a private or public school. But don’t expect to receive a very high salary when you land a job, a teacher’s salary is not always reflective of the amount of work they put in.

In terms of personal skills, you need to be patient, possess fine communication and teaching skills and be able to present yourself in a professional manner. Obviously, you need to be skilled in the curriculum and your speciality as well as have an innate love of books and learning. Although it may seem easy to become a teacher in Bangladesh, it’s actually quite difficult to become a skillful, quality teacher. Teachers do require not only practical qualifications but also a suitable personality when it comes to dealing with youth. The opportunities for teachers in Bangladesh are rising and it’s really for the young people of Bangladesh who want to be a teacher. If you are keen to become a teacher, Everjobs is the best place for you to start you job search.