Design Jobs in Bangladesh

Creativity underpins much of our lives: everything that we use, wear and see is designed. The field involves creating original content for our use. This content takes a wide variety and forms. Today, a vast array of companies, in all industries, are looking for designers. Whether it’s for building or improving their website, or for designing industrial products destined to be manufactured in Bangladesh, or simply to create or renew a company’s visual identity, designing is a profession that will never go out of fashion. With the current development of the internet, web developers in particular are highly sought after. All designing jobs require creativity and imagination, but given the range of media that can be used, design jobs in Bangladesh vary extensively. Positions exist both in companies, as part of creative teams, or in freelance roles where work is conducted on an ad-hoc basis.

Design is an important category in Bangladesh, and the economic growth is seeing an increase in the demand for design jobs. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, companies are looking to differentiate themselves on the basis of image, meaning more work for designers. This differentiation is a trend that looks set to continue, regardless of the type of design.

What kind of design jobs exist?

Graphic Designers

  • Produce designs with a strong visual impact, for websites, print, books, magazines, brochures, posters, flyers, computer games, packagings, brand logos etc. Very often, the client will come with an abstract request that the Graphic Designer will have to put to shape.
  • Interior Designers

    • Create designs for the interior of buildings. The Interior Designer must understand the space, light, and ergonomic requirements, as well as providing aesthetically pleasing environments in which to live or work in.
    • Web Designers

      • Arguably more technical than the other design fields, Web Design is a front-end process concerned with the structure, user experience and graphics of web platforms.
      • Fashion Designers

        • Perhaps the best known of the design discipline, Fashion Designers are responsible for the creation of clothing. Everything we wear – stylish or not – has been designed, and these are the people responsible for doing so.
        • Product / Industrial Designers

          • Those in charge of imagining the appearance of all kinds of products, from everyday items to industrial machinery and equipment, taking into account usability and cost.
          • What skills are required?

            Design is a discipline underpinned by two criteria: skill and understanding. Designers need to be skillful in terms of creativity – to come up with original ideas – and translating that visually, whether it be through illustrations, sketches, models or other means. The field is based on a number of principles, taught to students in design school regarding factors such as visuals, shapes, colours, and typographies.

            Employers look for candidates with both of these skills. Understanding is usually illustrated by a degree in a relevant design field. Some of the job roles – for example, graphic design – also involve extensive use of highly technical computer-aided design (CAD) programs such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Employers therefore are looking of specific knowledge of programs relevant to the profession. Interested in becoming a designer but short on knowledge of these? We suggest you enroll in a course to learn these skills.

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