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About us

We are an licensed Employment Agency that deals mostly with leasing workers to production plants from the car industry, that specialize in making car parts (engines, gears etc.) for all the leading automotive companies in Europe.

Poland is one of the biggest manufacturers in this industry in Europe. Only in 2017 export of car parts will exceed 25 billion EUR. Also whole Polish export will be around 200 billion EUR.

Our Agency mostly employs several hundred workers, mostly from Ukraine, but our needs are constantly very high, that is why we would like to start recruiting workers from other countries.

Poland is developing very quickly, for the last 27 years our country had continuous economic growth, in this time out GDP has increased over 400%!

Because of the fact that living expenses in Poland are much lower than in other western European countries, with smaller income you can have the same quality of life as in wealthier countries.

This is the reason why in the last 4 years over 2 million workers from all over the world (1,5 million from Ukraine) came to Poland, they are welcome not only by employers, but also by the society. Poland doesn’t have advanced welfare system for people who come to this country (they only have free healthcare in case of illness or an accident, also a part of their income goes toward retirement), that is why every foreigner needs provide for himself/herself.

The hourly rate that we offer to workers in for example car industry (no skills required) is 10,5 PLN (1,0 USD = 3,5 PLN).

With working on average 250 h a month, the salary is  2.600 PLN which equals 750 USD.

This are the lowest hourly rates that we offer, but we also have jobs that pay 12-13 PLN/h in construction (also available for people without any particular skills, the only important thing is being willing to work).

The important thing is that foreigners earn as much as Polish citizens for the same job, so there are no conflicts that foreigners steal jobs from Polish people.

The procedure of acquiring work permit – after getting a scan of passport of the person that would like to come to Poland to work, we as employers apply for a permit to hire this person. The procedure of acquiring work permit (for 12 months) takes about 2 months. After getting the permit we send it to you by mail, so you can give it to the employee, so that he/she would ask Polish Embassy to issue a visa allowing him/her to work.

Than we choose the date for the employee to come to Poland (we do not cover the expenses of the flight). We pick up the worker from the airport and take him/her to the accommodation place. After medical examination and work safety course (2 days), he/she starts to work in one of the factories that we choose, they are located in Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Tychy, Kraków.

Salaries are deposited in a bank account (that we help set up) in the 10-15th day after the working month. Before getting the first salary workers get an advanced payment (around 400-800 PLN).

All off employees are under our care – we employ whole families who can live in the same room and work in the same factory.

Accommodation costs 600-800 PLN a month, but the worker pays only 300 PLN (it is taken out of their salary), the rest is paid by the factory that they work in.

After a year we apply for a residence card for 3 years (the worker doesn’t have to go back to his/her country to get another visa). After working 5 years in Poland workers can get permanent residence card.

We send you your commission for every worker that you send us (after the person that you sent have worked 1 month) based on a signed contract.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

How we work

We offer employment in factories (car industry), no special skills required.

We welcome both men and women, also couples (age: 18-45).

Work 5-6 days a week, 8-12 hours, 1-2 shifts.

Salary: 700-900$ a month (net – that’s what you actually get paid).

Accommodation provided (hostel – 2-5 people in each room).

If you would like, we can ensure a permanent residence card in Poland.

If you are interested send us an e-mail with your phone number and information about which language you would prefer to use in communication with us.

We will call you in 3 days’ time.

Remember! Living expenses with provided  accommodation will not be higher than 150$ a month. You will find information about Poland here:

What we look for

We are looking for anyone who is willing to come to Poland and work, we do not require any special skills except speaking basic English.

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